Carousel Kennels

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At Carousel Kennels, each pet is assured of a comfortable suite with a private patio.  To ensure your pets water dish never runs dry, each suite is equipped with an automatic water system.

All of our guests are small and medium size - if your pet is frightened of larger dogs, they won't be frightened at Carousel!  Everyone's a little guy!  Bring their favorite toy -
playtime in the exercise yard
is included!

Open by appointment only

724 683-0794  
Carousel Kennels offer large individual suites for your pet.  Each suite has a private patio area where your pet can take a snooze in the sun or watch the birds at the fountain!

All suites are comfortable and cozy.  Each dog has their choice of a cozy bed with blankets or a Kuranda cot

All suites have their own windows, with skylights in each kennel wing.  A state of the art ventilation system ensures your pets comfort


We welcome requests to view the kennel, however please remember that tours of the kennel are scheduled during office hours on our quieter days so we do not take time away from any of our guests. To maintain a quiet atmosphere for our guests we do not offer tours during check in times.

Guests at the kennel have nature walks and outdoor play time included with their stay!

Your pet will receive personalized care - no group turnout!

Our Multi-level Kitty Condos are designed with plenty of climbing levels and perches where your cat can have a view of the staff and windows to see the outdoors
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